Pink EleganceTablescape

Does white count as a color? Or is it really a monochromatic pink tablescape? I love how the pink is reflected in the silver stirrup cups and how the gradient color in the pink bowls of the stemware all contribute to the quiet “pinkness” of this setting.


4 thoughts on “Pink EleganceTablescape

  1. I would LOVE to get my hands on those pink goblets and flutes!!!!!!!! I love pink to my very core, but finding nice saturated pink stemware at a price that won’t make me have to sell a kidney for it is really tough. Not everyone is a pink person, but I’m enough of one to make up for everybody else!! I LOVE this look!!!

  2. OK, you said you were going to check your stash (after seeing my cloche in a hurricane inside a hurricane) now I’m seriously going to have to amp up my search for pink dishes. It’s gorgeous….I’m still going thru your scapes, but this jus might be my fav!

    • I can’t take credit for this one, but with a little bit of collecting from friends and family, I could have come up with a similar tablescape. And I’ve got a cloche planned for V-Day — just you wait!

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