Pink and Turquoise and Apple Green: A Match Made in Heaven?

Sometimes what your brain would tell you is wrong turns out to be gloriously right, and sometimes wrong is just plain wrong. That was my response to this photo from House Beautiful.

The Palatial Gardens dinnerware by Lenox would not seem to be a good pairing with the pink roses, even though turquoise and pink go beautifully together. The addition of the chocolate brown would, in my opinion, send my flowers toward another colorway. Yet the pink roses in this tablescape are stunning.

Image Credit

Image Credit

And then there’s the pop of those green apples against the pink and turquoise and brown. Pink and green, yes. Turquoise and apple green, maybe. But whoever styled this photo decided to add a platter of green apples kind of smacked down in the middle of all that beautiful pink and blue. To me, the apples were too casual for the tablescape and were distracting to the composition of the photo.

I try to learn something new with every tablescape I create. I’m working on photography techniques and I’m challenging myself to go outside of my traditional comfort zone when putting pieces together.

I think that today I learned something about when one more thing is just too much. What do you think?


8 thoughts on “Pink and Turquoise and Apple Green: A Match Made in Heaven?

    • I am going to have to spend some time looking through your archives, Tricia, to see how you have used your Castleton Gloria. I checked it out on Replacements and it is beautiful!

    • I love that analogy — but who’s the brown and who’s the blue? I think Music Man and I would be fighting over the job of being blue since we both love the color. 🙂

  1. Good morning, Jennie! I saw this photo on Pinterest, but didn’t get to see the china up close. Goodness, it’s pretty!!! I’m one who tends to step outside the box just a little, so I liked the color combination. Interestingly enough, though, I didn’t pin this photo to my boards. Sometimes I get that “I like it, but there’s something that’s keeping me from loving it” feeling. I wasn’t sure what was holding the love back. Possibly the apples. Possibly the little girl in that HUGE dress. Don’t know for sure. One thing that IS for sure is that the china is fabulous!!!!!!

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