Comfy Chicken Soup

Chicago’s in for it again! We might need some comfort food over the next few days!

Last week when we had our snowstorm, I decided to make some chicken noodle soup. The change in barometric pressure was giving me a headache and I figured some comfy chicken soup couldn’t hurt.


I checked to see if there were any traditional French recipes just because I’m going to France on vacation — and well, just because. Apparently the French make chicken soup with potatoes rather than noodles and I didn’t have any potatoes in the house. This recipe from Chatelaine looks good, however.

Since I already had the ingredients for the noodle version, I went with this Cooking Light recipe. Easy and delicious. I added a handful of the ribbons of kale and romaine that I keep in the refrigerator all the time to add to soups and eggs, and topped it with some good quality cheese. And yes, there are two kinds of noodles in there — some leftover wide egg noodles and also whole-wheat fettuccine. I think the fact that chicken soup is a “whatever’s in the fridge and pantry” kind of dish is what makes it continue to be so popular across diverse cultures and cuisines.

Since Music Man was also home recuperating from his arthroscopic knee surgery, I decided to make a sandwich as well.


I toasted two pieces of bread, spread some basil pesto (a good substitute for mayo, by the way) and Laughing Cow lite cheese on it, and added two slices of Canadian bacon. It made us feel like we had gone out to a fancy lunch place — while still in our pajamas!

I’m linked up today to On the Menu Monday at Stone Gable. Please stop by and check out the work of other inspiring bloggers!


2 thoughts on “Comfy Chicken Soup

  1. Hey there! I’m sorry you guys are going to get hit yet again!!! We are expecting RAIN here today that has the capacity to change to snow overnight. I hope it just stays in the liquid form!!! We have MORE then enough snow already!!! Comfort foods like your chicken soup will definitely be in order! I hope your husband’s pain level is on the way down!

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