Farmer’s Market in Aix-en-Provence

And….. I’m back from France full of inspiring adventures to share with you!

Today we’re visiting the Farmers’ Market in Aix-en-Provence. Since we were there on a Monday, we toured and shopped the Marché Place Richelme: a local producers market on Place Richelme near the city hall, daily 9:00AM – 12:30PM.


In early April, there isn’t much produce grown locally as it is early in the season. The strawberries, however, were just starting and we saw tender new asparagus.

DSC03984 DSC04001

Other produce is imported from Spain and warmer climates, but the produce is still quite fresh because it doesn’t have to be shipped very far (France is the size of Texas).

DSC03981 DSC03982 DSC03983 DSC03986 DSC03987 DSC03995 DSC03998 DSC04000 DSC04002 DSC04003 DSC04004Then there was the cheese! The Provençal locals take their cheese very seriously. Their olive oils, tapenades, sausages and pates are also palate – pleasers.


I gave this vendor my business card and told her to watch for her farmstand on my blog.

DSC03989 DSC03988 DSC03990 DSC03991 DSC03992 DSC03993What do you think of when you think about the south of France? Do you visualize fields of lavender?


We visited this abbey, but it was too early in the season for the lavender to be flowering.

Local farmers sell many types of lavender products in the markets and tourist shops. Our group bought lavender sachets and the famous Savon de Marseille soap in the market.



I found the market to be very inspirational and now that I’m home, I’m back to cooking with fresh and organically-grown ingredients. I can’t wait until our own farmers’ markets open in early June!


3 thoughts on “Farmer’s Market in Aix-en-Provence

  1. Oh, my goodness! Look at those colors! You blessed woman, getting to see that in person. I appreciate so much seeing your pictures, because I’ve never been to France. If I go, I’ll be planning a trip during Lavendar flowering season. 😉 Love that stuff! So glad you’re back safe and sound. We missed you. 🙂

  2. WOW, Jennie!!! WOW!!!!!!! First, welcome back! Oh, my gosh…you must have quite the adrenaline rush right now!

    BONJOUR A LA DAME DE MARCHAND SUR LA PHOTO!!!! (Hello to the merchant lady in your photo!) I hope she visits your blog to see what a great job you did of showcasing her wares. It all looks so beautiful!!! That green cheese is very intriguing!

    I love the produce photos, too! Wow…the lemons are so fresh they still have the leaves on them!!! Love that! And those tomatoes! Gorgeous!!! Love the ripples in them!

    I’m going to share this post with my best friend who just loves these kinds of photos and, I am certain, would love to travel to places like this in France. She would especially love to visit the lavender fields!!! I’m sorry they weren’t flowering while you were there. Still…what a sight to behold at the abbey in your imagination!!!!

    Welcome back to the States, and I’m glad you had such a wonderful time!!!! Have a great week!

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