What Makes You Think That Is French? — Part Deux

The verdict is in.

Many of you commented on my challenge regarding Americanized “French style” and I appreciate your participation!

Fourteen days in France and only one chippy piece of furniture.

The "chippy" table in the Chateau de Roussan.

The “chippy” table in the Chateau de Roussan.

This piece was in the hallway in one of the most elegant and beautiful hotels I have stayed in.

IMG_8566 IMG_8553

We arrived in the late afternoon and were losing the sun.

We arrived in the late afternoon and were losing the sun.

The Château de Roussan is a hotel and restaurant just outside of Saint Remy de Provence, dating from the XIII century. Its storied inhabitants include Nostradamus’s family and Diane de Joannis de Roussan who is reputed to have been a favorite of Louis XIV.


Our room was spacious and charming.

IMG_7998 IMG_8002With a beautiful, modern bathroom (sorry these are out of focus, but I wanted to include them).

IMG_7991 IMG_7990 IMG_7992The public spaces were very grand.

IMG_8038 IMG_8037 IMG_8039

We also had an eight course dinner in the dining room that was prearranged by our tour guide, Philip Haslet of Unique Provence Travel. More on that another day, but it was amazing!

If you ever get a chance to stay at the Chateau de Roussan, I highly recommend it.


8 thoughts on “What Makes You Think That Is French? — Part Deux

  1. I’m happy you confirmed my suspicion about chippy French furniture. We Americans can really take a little thing and make a lot out of it! Love the French architecture in the hotel building and the furniture inside. And, did I see color in that furniture? 😉 Real stained wood surfaces, too! Enjoyed the post!

  2. EIGHT-course dinner?!??!?!! Oh, boy!!! That would put a smile on my face that would NEVER leave!!!! Jennie, this is one of the most beautiful hotels EVER!!! I’m impressed at the size of the room. I’d always heard that hotel rooms in France tend to be on the “cozy” side. This is just GRAND!!!! And a bidet in the bathroom? Gotta love that!!! And is that a towel warmer I see in the 9th & 10th photos?

    You must have felt like a grand Duchess in this place! I’m sure I would have sat up a little straighter and probably drink tea with my pinky finger extended! 🙂 What a beautiful experience and FABULOUS place to lay your head!!!

    • Alycia, French hotel rooms are usually quite cozy, but we were careful about where we stayed and sometimes we just lucked out. Check out my sidebar for the link to our vacation photo blog to see more hotel shots!

  3. Hahaha, how fun to see. Funny how there are no baskets with numbers on them, or grain sack pillows, but then it was a hotel, not the french farmhouse ; ) Oh well, it’s as they say a trend, and heck its nice looking, if a little over done or cliche. Beautiful hotel and grounds. Trust you had a lovely visit

  4. Hi, Saw your post today at Betweennapsontheporch and wandered over. Glad I did. Wow, that hotel is incredible. I would love to be able to stay there one day. I’ll be checking back. I appreciate bloggers like you so much. ~~~ Pam

  5. Hi, this hotel is featured in a 1969 movie titled “Secret World”. I recently watched it on TMC it and found myself transfixed by the chateau and the grounds. Just thought you might like to see how it looked in 1969! Very enchanting! Anyway, you can probably rent it on Amazon.

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