Secret Garden Chair

Happy spring planting! It’s Mothers’ Day and time to plant in my neck of the woods.

Another beautiful photo from Facebook — I’ve done this chair planter trick before, but wanted to capture the gorgeous mix of flowers used in this piece of art. I’m thinking that’s a wire “pot” filled with soil that goes all the way to the ground, which makes a lot of sense. Now all I need is an old chair — tomorrow morning is garbage day and I may just have to go a-picking.

Enjoy your weekend!


One thought on “Secret Garden Chair

  1. Maybe this is something I could do out on my sundeck this year. I won’t have the strength to do a whole bunch of different container gardens like usual, nor will I be able to water them daily. Ramon surely isn’t going to stand out there with a hose and do it when he gets in late in the evening. Just one, though…maybe he’ll do that for me! 🙂 Great idea! Thanks!!! Have a happy Mother’s Day weekend!!!

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