Courting Couples Need a Good Home

Recently I went to a local antiques store to pick up a couple of butter knives and ran into THIS.


A drop dead gorgeous set of Frenchy china with 22 carat gold trim. Marked down to $250.00. If this isn’t a perfect example of the crime of throwing out Grandma’s china, then I’m giving up my membership in China Addicts Anonymous.


Can’t you just see this gracing your table? It’s stunning!

IMG_3835 Crop 1 IMG_3835 Crop 2

I started to look into the provenance of the set and what it might actually be worth. The antique store calls it French Colonial by Taylor Smith & Taylor. Apparently the decals were used by more than one china manufacturer and the series is called Courting Couple.

It turns out that the pattern is TST444  and was probably manufactured in the mid-1900s in the United States.

Can’t you just see this beautiful china sitting on your table? It needs a loving home — just not mine. Obviously, Music Man would not take kindly to me dragging home another set of somebody’s Grandma’s china; I’ve already inherited and appropriated five sets of my own beautiful dishes from relatives and estate sales.

I have absolutely nothing to do with the antique store, but I just think someone should adopt these courting couples. Is Collage Antiques of Arlington Heights calling your name?

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